2020 Vision

Take 3 Words

Everything can change on a new years day
Everything can change on a new years day
Everything can change on a new years day
And everything changed on a New Year’s Day

lyrics : Rage Against The Machine

Take Three Words and make them yours is a process that I came across at the end of 2018 and wrote about in last years New Years newsletter. It came from Chris Brogan who has been practising the idea since 2006.

At its most simple, the process results in three words that come together as a compass for the year to come.

My 2019 words were

  • Uncertain

  • Less

  • Different

... and I have to say, those three words not only served me well through 2019, but they pretty much describe my year, during which I came across a designer called Robert Graham.

I have no idea if he employs this process himself - BUT - he does include these three words;

  • Knowledge

  • Wisdom

  • Truth

on every single piece of clothing that he designs - including the Human 2 Human shirt he designed with Scott Lyall that I premiered at the 29th IIW. As far as People First is concerned - very much ‘on message’.

My three words for the bright new year of 2020

  • Believe

  • Move

  • Ascend

Art by ‘Matt J Graffiti’ and referenced here.

What are yours? Write and let me know.

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