Action Speaks Louder Than Words

But First You Got To Be Aware

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This newsletter and sister podcast are increasingly finding themselves in front of more and more eyes and ears, which in turn seem to be garnering more questions like ‘now what?’, ‘what next?’, ‘what more can I do?’.

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This week I am devoting this newsletter to that very topic. Caveat - for those that have asked about goals, mission, objectives … this is not that response but it is coming 😄.

Why People First - At All?

To level set - I have this view that People have increasingly become a secondary force in the world of business. And it is getting worse. I want to rectify that and no - it isn’t too late.

If you disagree with what I am about to say - let’s talk about it.

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Just ONE Simple Example

We are told that we are now living in a ‘sharing economy’, but I maintain that we continue to live in a ‘shareholder economy’.

Consider a certain well-known taxi company, that operates the largest wealth extraction business on the planet.

Taxis are a local business. Why do we think it needs to be global? Why do we accept that sending 30% of monies that used to circulate in local economies all over the world back to a tech company that adds no discernible value to that economy is a good idea? (Assuming you aren’t a shareholder of the company?)

Before you hit comment - take a look at what is happening in Austin. (It was written 4 years ago - but they are still operating, and by all accounts doing well).

OK - now you can comment!

Phase 1 - Awareness and Attention

That’s what the newsletter and podcast are trying to do. They provide different slants of the idea that if business keeps moving down the channel of NOT putting people first they will fail and as a result ‘we the people’ are not going to come out of this too well either.

You will likely have read or listened to some of these thoughts already. But reading, listening and commenting only goes so far, which is why we are moving onto …

Phase 2 - Engage

Beyond the ‘broadcast’ and occasional comments, we now have launched a Facebook Group and a non-social-media network. Why? Because other people are important to this conversation and for it to succeed we need;

  • Your input.

  • Your points of view.

  • Your thoughts.

If you really want to participate;

  • Join either.

  • Join both.

Join The Network

  • Get others to join.

  • Weigh in with your thoughts.

  • Comment on other’s thoughts.

In this way, we really start to hear other voices, opinions, ideas that we can include in the People First canon.

In fact - do you want to be a guest on the Podcast? We have a form for that! What better way of broadening the voices that represent People First?

If not - why not just join the group of network and start asking questions (and answering them).

People First is not the only example of trying to raise awareness and bring a call to action of what is going on. There are many organizations, not least of which is Douglas Rushkoff, who’s final words in his book Team Human were …

I am. Or at least I am trying to and that’s what this is about.

By the way, there is a ‘Phase 3’, I’m just not talking about that just yet. But it’s based on the third phase of all good communications.

  1. Bring Awareness and Garner Attention

  2. Engage

  3. Move To Action

My thanks for your attention - as always. Now - what do you think?

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