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It's What Happen While You Are Busy Making Other Plans

… and our plans were for a totally different approach to Newsletters than we are about to try out. Substack have just announced their public beta and so we have decided to try them out.

Substack is a platform for email newsletters. Its tools make it simple for a writer to start a newsletter and start publishing. When they are ready, they can add a membership option, and choose to publish some content only to paying subscribers.

This newsletter also show up on this website, where readers can sign up, access past issues, and share any posts that the author has made public.

While you wait for this publication to get set up, here are some other Websites in our network that you might enjoy:

We are excited for this newsletter, and can’t wait for the author to start publishing, why not share?

Update: January 2021

  • BB and are in the process of being archived.

  • And Another Thing is dormant.

  • Times They Are A-Changing.

  • The Micro Blog lives on!