Data Is Energy!

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Data Is The New Oil
.. Clive Humby, 2006

.. he goes on - ‘but worthless until refined’!

Coal, Copper, Gas, Gold, ... the list is lengthy and includes OIL ... all commodities, that over the years have been extracted from the earth at great cost to the earth and millions of people working on the ‘front lines’ while making a very few people very rich.

In 2020, extractive industries are under siege for many reasons, so why on earth would we hang our hats on such a flawed analogy? Much less this one which, regardless, is just plain wrong.

The fact we have, speaks volumes of the people in the industry. Particularly when they hide what they do behind weasel words such as storing data in ‘lakes’, ‘warehouses’, ‘mountains’ and ‘farms’, where it can be ‘gathered’, ‘harvested’ and ‘refined’. The words are carefully chosen to make what is going on seem almost a natural biological process.

It is not.

Given that we are only just beginning to understand energy to describe life, it is not surprising that most people haven’t yet got their heads around the idea that while people are indeed made of skin, bones, atoms, molecules, blood, sinews and muscles, our fundamental building ‘block’ is energy.

It makes sense then that if we don’t understand that people and the world that surrounds us is energy, then they certainly won’t have woken up to the fact that the data that describes it all is also energy. But it is.

Data is Energy.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.
…Nikola Tesla

If energy, frequency, and vibration are good enough to find the secrets of the universe, then they stand a pretty good chance of helping us understand data which is changing, continually and continuously. To think it can randomly be captured, stored, merged, managed, manipulated and used to serve the ‘greater good’ of society without consequence is evidence of unprecedented hubris.

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