Double Digit Delivery

A Recap

Though this Newsletter has been around intermittently for a few years now, I only harnessed it as a vehicle to share People First thinking in May of this year, Issue One going out on May 31st.

Since the launch in May, readership has been steadily growing and judging by the emails received I have hit some nerves with some of the pieces. Definitely a good time to take stock and recap where we have got to.

Issue 1 | An Introduction

The title speaks for itself a rapid summary of who we are, what we are doing - and why.

Issue 2 | Supply and Demand

Introducing the concept of how we might be thinking of ‘Supply and Demand’ all wrong. What if the market place was not where businesses and people went to sell their goods and services but rather where people went to sell their time, labour, value, talents and skills to businesses and people that wanted to buy those things?

How different would the world look?

Issue 3 | Humanity

A newsletter that will link you to five totally separate things about humanity that I happened to stumble across just that week.

Issue 4 | All Else Follows

Raising such questions as if people really are the most important business assets - then why aren’t they treated as such?

Issue 5 | Corporate Speak

We investigate how corporate vocabulary has been adopted without much thought by most people. Something that works to the benefit of corporates and most certainly the detriment of people. Consider ‘content’ for example ….

(I really hope this ^^^ ISN’T the Future of Work!

Issue 6 | The Challenge of Work

Continues the theme of the relationship between business and people. Case in point … if a business focusses on ‘jobs filled’ people will not be ‘fulfilled’.

Issue 7 | Ditch The Binary

Asking why it is that people are seen as either young or old. We have “arrived at a point in time where gender is understood to be a spectrum - not the traditional binary that many people have been trained to think”. So isn’t even more logical to view age through that same lens?

Issue 8 | Work-Life Balance

An extension to Issue 6, that itself caused a bit of a stir, this issue provided the largest response I have had to any newsletter to date.

The thrust is that Work-Life Balance is a corporate construct that is more about making the organization feel better than people. I think that Work-Life Balance would have less and less relevance for people if business made it less about ‘job-filling’ and more about ‘fulfilling’ people. (Yes, I was on a roll.)

Issue 9 | Data

Not so much an article as an introduction to one of the pillars of People First. Data. Now also available as an e-book.

Quick Bonus round … can you connect the newsletter headline to the image at the top of the newsletter? It isn’t random.

Many Thanks For Your Attention and please do forward the email to colleagues, friends and family that want to join us on this journey. It takes more than a village!