Not necessarily 'Great'

Some of you might be expecting an answer to the question posed here, but that isn’t for another 5 days … the 28th.

Some of you might be overwhelmed - another missive? We only just head from him last week and here’s another one. Well yes, have to say, we are beginning to ramp up. The next 4 newsletters are in the hopper and scheduled.

This newsletter is the first to the entire amalgamated list after I killed off other spaces. So … welcome all. Glad to have you on board - and enjoy the ride.

What To Expect Over The Next Two Weeks

28th May - The Answer To The Puzzle

31st May - An Introduction To People First - and an introduction to where this newsletter is headed. In it I will also include links to some of the ‘non-culled’ properties that I am also publishing to.

4th June - Tenet Launch. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have been publishing a series of images under the headings of Tenets, Quotes, Frameworks and Models. Each contribute to the People First umbrella. The Tenet newsletter series will provide additional thinking around each of them.

Going forward, I intend for the newsletter to be sent weekly. Exact day yet to be decided. It will also include links to the podcasts as they get going, useful ‘posts in the wild’, the occasional quote that ‘hits the mark’ … all tied together with ‘People First string’.

Please do let me know what you think … good and bad. We only get better with engagement.

John Philpin
People First