Flying High

With No Safety Net

Iguassu Falls, Brazil/Argentina - Murray Foubister.

I got my skills very early in life and never looked back. A lot of people in my line of work are ex-military, but I was trained and worked as a civilian all of my life. It's funny when I was at school all the advice I got was about getting a ‘good’ job with a ‘reputable company’. What they meant was ‘large’.

I've never worked for a large company. Well, unless you call 30 people large. I’ve worked for myself and for others … in construction, emergency services, tourism, deliveries and seen the world while I was at it.

Papua New Guinea ... only after their independence (I'm not that old!), up in Canada, down in Australia and New Zealand …. I pretty much work wherever the next phone call takes me.

Me? Oh, I fly helicopters.

Flying High is from the series ‘Travels Without Charlie’.

Will never had ‘pilot’ on his ‘what I will do when I grow up’ childhood list, but he’s never regretted it. “What else would I do?” he asked. Self-deprecation aside, it’s as if he was born with rotors. One side benefit that he identified as we talked was that his work was seasonal - ‘although the seasons moved’.

  • That meant he often found himself decommissioned at short notice.

  • That meant he often found himself with time to continue learning to be able to do his job better, in more places, with different equipment.

  • That meant after every contract he became even more employable.

  • That meant after every contract his value increased.

Good practice for ‘COVID times’ I suspect.

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