Happy New Year

A Better New Year ... An Improved New Year ...

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My third year to ‘take three words’.

2019 : Uncertain | Less | Different

2020 : Believe | Move | Ascend

For 2021 … well, I’ll get to that in a moment. In the meantime, if you haven’t already registered, Hopefest 360 is running live on YouTube right now. Not too later to register and tune in to a ‘celebration of possibilities’.

Join us for this free online event to be broadcast non-stop from sunrise to sunset on New Year’s Day 2021 with over 200 ‘voices’ worldwide lifting you up with their positive messages of hope and healing for the new year. Here’s your opportunity to come together with our global community as we imagine the possibilities.

This was my contribution …

… but don’t let that put you off 😄 … there are some great messages, wonderful music and truly uplifting people sharing their thoughts!

Which cycles back to my three words for this year …

  • Transform

  • Transition

  • Transcend

Welcome to 2021.

… and as always thankyou for your support.