The Humanity of the Human OS

This weekend, large numbers of people across the world elected to see The Joker, a very human story that broke all records for an October release. However some of us opted for a rare chance to see ‘Us + Them’ on the big screen, the famous flying pig providing the catalyst for the quadfecta that came together for this week’s newsletter.

Human 2 Human

Last week People First attended the 29th Internet Identity Workshop, sponsored a day of the Documentation center and focused on the ‘Human 2 Human’ message of Scott Lyall’s shirts which were available for sale on the first day and offered as prizes throughout the conference. Congratulations to David, Julio and Joyce and thank-you for your support of Stop Child Traffic.

(Image credit : Doc Searls)

Team Human

My thanks to Doc Searls who reminded me that Douglas Rushkoff and Team Human (great podcast and book BTW) have long been delivering a message of humanity. If you don’t know him, here is a Ted Talk from earlier this year that I personally find enlightening and inspirational, if not a warning to us all.

Related and too early to go public, but news from the the team at DigLife (have you joined?) reveals that there is something in the air that keeps breathing ‘Human’.

The Humanity of Human-IT

At the IIW, I connected with old friends including Jeff Orgel, who has been driving the idea of Real-IT® for as long as I have known him. With his permission, I am co-opting the idea, but applying it to Humans. More on that to come, but think of Human-IT® as part of the ‘Human Operating System’.

Stay Human

… and then of course finally watching Roger Waters rip into some great music, spot on lyrics and a reminder to everyone that we are all Human.

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