It's Amazing What's Possible ...

... when you put your mind to it.

I left the UK about 5 years ago been here for six months, before that Iceland ... next stop Australia.

Just travelling the world and looking around? Must be nice to have that flexibility?

Well, it's certainly nice to see life outside of Macclesfield, but where I go isn't my choice.

Gavin went on to explain how his prime job is a professional footballer (soccer player to my American readers) ... and he goes where the contracts send him.

Listening to Gavin talk it was clear that he had managed to connect two of his passions (football and travelling) into his life. He supplements his income with second jobs ... but that’s mainly because "I want to enjoy myself while I travel - not just survive."

What's next? Who knows .. he can see a couple of years into his future - all else being equal - but beyond that ... well - “who can see further?”

“And really - it's not as if I'm a great player - I couldn't even play club level in the UK. This way football lets me live one of my dreams and who I play football for allows me to live another.”

In his words ... Plan, Prioritise, Choose.

This is a new story from the People First ‘Travels without Charlie’ collection.

Three Words ... it was as if he'd read last week’s newsletter ... he hadn't, but that reminds me, plenty of people did and a large number came back to me with their three words, a few recorded here for posterity;

Visualise - Let-go - Believe

Cohesion - Travel - Share

Change - Freedom - Peace

And then there was this one …

My words for 2019 were: Congruency - Consistency - Effectiveness

For 2020, I’m keeping my 2019 words and adding: Uncompromising and Epitomize

And another …

I used to do three words - now I do one, which for this year is align

So yes, ‘rules got broken’ - but isn’t that what rules are for?

Others have asked me to provide more background to the three words thinking - so I wrote this.

And of course, just like last year, I plotted my three words at What3Words ( a spectacular approach to providing … in their words …

A global standard for communicating location.

Last year I was somewhere in Western Australia. This year way down in Southern Chile.

Anyway - here we are with 2% of the year already gone (no pressure) … so next week I will start to pull up the slack and get back on course. Until then …

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