Keep It Simple.

Somebody Has To.

Last week’s newsletter took on an unprecedented energy in terms of views, click throughs, emails received and conversations had. Sometimes I wonder if people read the words I pump into the ether. Turns out you do. Thank-you.

Without a doubt there are plenty of organizations thinking through and writing about things like ‘The Future Of Work’, ‘Identity’, ‘Data’, ‘Value’, ‘The Market Place’ etc, so there are plenty of places that you can go ‘read all about it’. But this place is different. And it is different in one very particular way.

I try to …

.. as I seek to connect the great, deep and brilliant thinking and writing of so many people that are working on these issues with ‘the rest of us’. I hope that through this process, more people begin not only to understand, but start to give a damn and realize that we …

  • can do something to protect our income

  • stop our data pouring into data lakes and warehouses

  • change the perception of who we are and can be

… to name but three, there’s so much more. And who are those people?

People …

  • who’s every day life is being increasingly shaped by an ever smaller subset of the population … today … and will be again … tomorrow.

  • who’s data is being hijacked and manipulated and abused every day.

  • who might be thinking that all this stuff that you can read is all too esoteric, hard to understand and all too late to do anything anyway.

  • who feel that it’s all too hard’ - so have given up.

  • who are worried about how they are going to make a living in the future.

That’s why I write this newsletter. That’s what People First is about.

Many Thanks For Your Attention. Please do like the post, share through your social channels of choice and forward the email to colleagues, friends and family that want to join us on this journey. Even better, why not comment and let’s start a conversation. Most importantly my thanks to all of you for your support, emails and ongoing comments. I truly appreciate all of your support.