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Photo by Jeremy Enns on Unsplash

In August last year, I launched the People First Podcast. It hasn’t taken the world by storm, but it has definitely done a lot better than ‘plan’. For that I am thankful to all my listeners - apparently, from all over the globe!

As of this moment of writing, there are a total of 20 episodes ‘in the wild’. The top three (in terms of downloads) are;

Call It Serendipity

John catches up with classical violinist, LaTonya Peoples who also happened to be the composer of The People First Podcast Theme Tune - and the 'musical punctuation'.

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May I Introduce To You …

John introduces himself and People First to Podcast listeners.

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Such A Curiosity - Here It Comes To Set Us Free

Greg Orme, author of 'The Human Edge' and winner of the 2020 Business Book of the Year joins me on this episode as we explore the human skills you need to survive and thrive in the world of tomorrow.

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The podcast is available through 20 channels and the stats recognize that most of them are being used. Apple of course leads the way, but I was surprised to see that they only account for around 38% of the total. I clearly have a diverse following!

The technology that underpins this newsletter is from a company called Substack. More on them in a couple of weeks, but mentioning them now, because they enabled a beta extension of their service last year that allows podcasters to use the newsletter to share podcasts.

In other words, I can share the podcasts directly to you through email.

Before I do - a question for you. Is that something you would find useful?

As the podcast comes out, you get an email or should I stick to my current approach and just let you know occasionally as part of the broader email series? I will take the guidance from you the reader.

An example of what you would typically receive is here on the click-through.

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