Nobody Should Adopt Social Distancing.


I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Social Distancing’. It’s wrong. We should not be Social Distancing. You know I am right. You aren’t doing it either. Nobody is doing it.

If you take part in Facetime, Zoom, What’s App, WebEx, <insert app of choice> video calls you are not social distancing.

Now ‘physical distancing’, that’s very different. Definitely do that.

A story from a couple of years ago. A story of distancing. That world was very different. (Original Story.)

Caroline and Marcus had arrived in the US a couple of days earlier, most of their two-week sojourn in front of them.

They described their route over the next 10 days. There was going to be a lot of driving. A lot.

I knew where they lived in the UK. Each day they were going to drive a distance equivalent to what they did in a month at home.

Each day they were going to see a unique piece of nature the likes of which they would not see at home.

I knew that somewhere near their home their were tourists from the other side of the world seeing everything that they had in their backyard.

“The profoundest distances are never geographical.”
John Fowles

Just 5 years, I mean weeks, ago ..

I wrote:

I’ll come back and revisit this in a month and see where we are.

You know where we are. So no belabouring points and stats that you can read anywhere else. In a nutshell, concepts like

‘The Network Effect’

‘Hockey Stick Growth’

that as recently as February 2020 were used by every startup founder to describe their ‘expected’ revenue, profit and customers - are now recognized by everybody as a way to describe the growth of COVID-19 and Unemployment.

Meanwhile, not to be a ‘Debby Downer’ - but it’s worse than you think.

But don’t worry. The stock market is rebounding on the news that the ‘curve is bending’.

‘‘I don’t think they are really factoring in what they are going to see on the other side.’’
Mark Cuban

To relate it back to People First thinking, I think they are buying into the financial markets because they are asking the wrong question. The financial markets are rallying because they can ‘feel that companies are soon going to be back at work’. They should really be asking when will the buyers go back to buying.

The good news is that there is a way through all of this. But it isn’t going to be quick or easy. More of that in my future newsletters.

Folding@Home is an organization I wrote about in a newsletter special (thank you John). Delighted to see that Folding@home now has the largest aggregate computing power in the world and it is being harnessed to develop coronavirus remedies.

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