Passion, Commitment, Dreams

... oh and talent pushed beyond limits.

If an entire book can be written called; Everything I Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead, I think I can use music to punctuate points. This newsletter is totally devoted to that thought.

We start in the USA, pass through India and Japan before arriving in Australia.

Each performer following a dream and perfecting their craft so well that any audience would watch and listen in awe. But that’s not enough, each performer then ‘takes it to eleven’.

No more words until the end - and even then simply quoting the fourth performer … Tommy Emmanuel.

Ending with wise words from Tommy Emmanuel (my bold).

Chet Atkins once told me that I am the most fearless player he'd ever met. And I think that being fearless is a huge part of breaking molds and raising self-belief. I have had many times in my life where people told me that my plans were rubbish, that were crazy, that I would fail. But I ignore the critics, and I keep working to make my show and my life better and better.


I hear these stories, and I know that music goes beyond what we see, hear, and feel. There's some innate sense that gets triggered by it, no matter how turned off if you think you are.


Just remember folks that life is not a rehearsal. So you better get on with it.

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