Pause ...

... Breathe, Ponder, Choose, Do.

It’s been an odd week. Has it for you? No need to go into detail, except to say that this is not the newsletter you are expecting. To answer the question “Is It Just Semantics” - sorry - you are going to have to wait another week. If you still want to weigh in, please do …

Is It Just Semantics

Part of the week’s oddity is the recurring topic of ‘visualizing your future and bending the universe to your will’. It’s a message coming through strong, which is why I am pausing the flow and writing this now.

Yesterday, I was on a call with a community of people based in the UK. Like all good conversations, it meandered … but a recurring theme was that very idea … ‘visualizing what you want - to allow it to manifest itself’.

But Wait … There’s More!

This week I released two podcasts into the wild and both guests talked in detail about how they ‘visualize what they want - and allow that visualization to manifest’.

For your delectation …. the two podcasts.

In all honesty, both guests were great. Fascinating stories, both working in what I would call (in the broadest terms) the world of entertainment. Regardless of the common threads - each is well worth a listen.

Frederick Van Johnson is the owner, host, and producer of This Week In Photo spent 40 minutes with me talking about his journey from Yahoo, through Apple and Adobe – before launching himself into the world of podcasting and turning a small streaming mp3 service into a media property with and 80,000 person community that includes a regular podcast, a community site, and a weekly newsletter.

Listen To Frederick

If high-end professional musicians like Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel and King Crimson), Alan White (Yes), Mike Keneally (Zappa) mean anything to you at all - know that my guest Scott Schorr is the music producer, recording engineer, mixer and label owner - for and of those people. Scott took time out of his busy schedule to talk me through how he got started and the journey he took to arrive where he is today.

Listen To Scott

… and I kid you not. There is a lot more besides. Maybe the universe is telling me something.


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