People First - Issue 3

Humanity - It's Catching

The theme for this week’s edition is 'Humanity’. Five ‘connected things’ with a single theme, though not a single narrative.

Beyond Logos and Catch Phrases

I spotted this in a clothing store recently. I didn’t buy it - but I sure was tempted, as I ready myself for October’s IIW.

Speaking of ‘human’ have you read Yuval Noah Harari’s A Brief History Of Humankind yet?

The Technology and People Chasm - A Blog Post

Technology makers recognize the need to cross the chasm – but they all seem to be building from the ‘Tech Side’.  People First is building the bridge from the ‘People Side’.

The Ah-Ha moment fully dawned on me last week, so I published ‘You Build Bridges From Both Sides’ - it’s short.

Team Human - A Ted Talk From Douglas Rushkoff

You can follow his podcast here and his blog here. I will be sharing more about Team human on People First’s blog, newsletter and podcast (when I get that going).

People First Tenets

Reminding ourselves of some Human Thoughts spread throughout People First Tenets.

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I have been listening to this pretty much on ‘rotate’ for a couple of weeks now … check it out. (It’s connected!)

That’s All Folks!

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