Question : Would You Pay Friends For Stuff?

After all, you pay complete strangers for theirs!

Let me provide some context. Axios published this at the end of January. Long story short, big tech (Facebook at al) have spotted that little tech (Substack et al) are making some inroads in the ‘pay me for my stuff’ space and so have decided to set out to do the same. LinkedIn is the latest to join the fray and announced its move into this space last week.

I know at least one person who as a matter of principle, would never ever ‘monetize their network’ - whilst others have lists that they use to connect with people on a regular basis, with the intent of ‘lightening their wallet’.

It’s an interesting dichotomy. Friends are friends after all. But if you are prepared to have a complete stranger pay you for something. Why wouldn’t you charge a friend?

I have my own thoughts - but first … to borrow (for free) from one of my favorite people … what do you think?

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