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Episode 49 of the podcast came out this week. It features LaTonya Peoples. Have to say, people loved it. You can tell by the comments and the fact that in 4 days the download count was higher than the total that any other episode has so far achieved.

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In Other News

Last week’s newsletter ended a series I started in the middle of June. On the way through we took a couple of detours, but in the end, ‘The Future Of Income’ crossed 9 issues. A lot can happen in 3 months, including subscriptions to the newsletter growing by 42%. With that in mind, I thought this week would be a good opportunity to pause, take a breath, smell the roses and recap those 9 issues for our new readers.

Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash

The Future of Income

A Future Not The Future - because the future is just one of many possibilities.

The Future Is Boring And Predictable - shouldn’t futurists be more imaginative?

Skill Or Character - the jury is in … character. Every time!

Everything Is Connected - and values … don’t forget values.

The Future Is Here - maybe we should call it ‘The Present of Work’?

Taxi!!!!! - don’t reduce your work to a transaction, deliver value.

The Book Of Job - an interesting and realistic job of the future.

Show Me The Money - why is the ‘entertainment’ industry, the only place where agents and managers work?

And Then We’ll Take It Higher - exploring the possibility of an exchange to buy and sell shares in people.

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Every week I have tried to work out how to include this video - a deeply serious light-hearted (if that isn’t a contradiction in terms) review of the state of education and work in America. I have set the video to start at 4 minutes and 10 seconds - by the time you get to 4 minutes and 45 seconds - the point is made. A point that is obvious when you stop and think for a couple of seconds. Do you agree?

If you have time, the whole 6 minutes and 22 seconds is worth it.

Finally, as I said at the beginning - a lot can happen in three months. On July 23rd, I embedded an interview with David Graeber on Bullshit Jobs. I read on September 3rd that the anthropologist and author had died at just 59.


Life is fragile.

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