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Continuing my exploration of The Future of Income.

I met Charlie Grantham a little over 20 years ago. During our many conversations, he asked many questions, one of which (paraphrased below) has never broken free of my memory.

”Is it possible to create a multi-million dollar business that will deliver a single product with a range of spin offs, but ‘directly employ’ just a few people, with most of the work being done by contractors (i.e. not fully employed and so none of all the usual benefits) brought in to do a specific job - and then get out. Not only that. Once we deliver the product we will ‘shutter’ the business so that all that is left is to payout investors and stakeholders through a future revenue stream.”

The answer is yes. Charlie was describing a movie.

Images : Jerry Maguire

And if the answer is yes - then why only movies?

Jerry Maguire is a movie that was probably made that way and famous for the line where the title of this newsletter comes from …

“Anyone else would have left you by now, but I'm sticking with you. And if I have to ride your ass like Zorro, you're gonna show me the money.”
Cuba Gooding as Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire

The movie highlights another unique aspect of the entertainment industry. Most of the people that made that movie will all have had some kind of agent/manager that represented them in negotiations. The reward in the form of salary, bonus, future points etc will have all been negotiated by that agent. Meta - because the movie is actually about an athlete and his agent going through a similar process. (If you don’t know the storyline - click here.)

But why is entertainment the only industry that has agents? Why don’t software developers, salespeople, CEOs have agents?

And don’t confuse the agent/manager role with ‘recruiter’. The loyalties of any job go to the person that pays. A recruiter is paid by the company doing the recruiting. No matter how good they are, how they engage with you, they are paid by the company doing the recruiting.

Photo: Christine Roy on Unsplash


Suggested Income Source Of The Future: ‘People Agent’.

Corporations are increasingly moving to a virtualized model. They are getting people off the books and outsourcing, offshoring, employing contractors and gig workers - anything, so long as they do not have responsibility for the people they are happy. But what about the people? They now have to spend significant amounts of time selling, marketing, administering, negotiating themselves as the provider of the service that others want to buy. For every minute of their time doing that - they are not delivering the value that buyers want and that they want to provide.

Sign up with a People Agent and they will take responsibility for your business success. You are going to pay them a percentage of your income, but they will ensure that you are getting the work, the role that you want and at the very best price, so you can focus 100% on income generation - an income likely higher than you would have negotiated yourself.

They will not just identify where the needs for your skills are, they will approach the organization, get you placed, negotiate your rate, handle your contract … all you have to do is do the work you love to do - and likely be grossing more income than you could manage yourself.

Why is this not happening already? Or is it? Write to me. Even better …

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