Do You Deliver It?

Time we talked about it, given that it is one of the eight pillars of People First!

I was struck by this recent post from Scott Galloway and in particular these words ...

"Any company that creates more than $10 billion in shareholder value does one of two things: extends time (more time, saving time) or enhances time."

A few years ago Geoff Moore wrote 'Dealing with Darwin’ and introduced 'Core/Context' - a business concept that guided thinking about, well see for yourself. It’s a video from 2005, so some of the examples could definitely be updated, but otherwise, does a great job of explaining what it’s all about.

When I read the book, it seemed natural for me to 'adapt', 'adopt' and 'pivot' the idea of core/context towards people. It worked, so I thought to try the same thing with the Professor’s declaration.

"Any person that creates value for another does one of two things: extends time (more time, saving time) or enhances time.”

But as the Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket had it …

“Come Here. There’s More.”

Yes, for any job you might do, you should be able to answer whether you are saving that person time and/or improving their life? But at what cost?

And at a stroke we return to the age-old chestnut, I want it ‘faster, better, cheaper’. (Don’t we all?)

  • faster: ‘extends time’

  • better: a proxy for ‘enhances time’

  • cheaper: delivers a lower and lower cost to the buyer

Of course, the ‘race to the bottom’ when it comes to price is not a winning strategy and likewise, the ‘race to deliver in near to zero time’ should be fully understood before launch. I am thinking that the ‘better’ component is your differentiation.

What do you think?

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