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Just in case you found yourself here by accident. Are you subscribed?

What's it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?
Burt Bacharach

Two very valid questions that people have been asking as they subscribe to the newsletter and podcast, or join one of the communities. Actually to be honest sometimes even before they are prepared to sign up!

Spoiler alert, this newsletter does not answer those questions.

I shared this observation with a friend earlier this week, who replied;

But John, you don’t know! This grand experiment is ‘pre early alpha’ - there will be many pivots before you.

It’s true. It’s also interesting to think of this in the light of a post I just wrote over on the new blog.


Have you read David Whyte's book, “The Heart Aroused”? A couple of paragraphs at the beginning caused me to buy the book;

“In my experience, the more true we are to our own creative gifts the less there is any outer reassurance or help at the beginning. The more we are on the path, the deeper the silence in the first stages of the process. Following our path is in effect a kind of going off the path, through open country. There is a certain early stage when we are left to camp out in the wilderness, alone, with few supporting voices. Out there in the silence we must build a hearth, gather the twigs, and strike the flint for the fire ourselves.”
David Whyte - The Heart Aroused

Photo by Curtis Coscarelly on Unsplash

My fire is lit, there are some good flames around it but it is a long, long way from warming the world.

“In effect, if we can see the path ahead laid out for us, there is a good chance it is not our path; it is probably someone else’s we have substituted for our own. Our own path must be deciphered every step of the way.
David Whyte - The Heart Aroused

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As I read those words, I was reminded of some other arguably more famous words;

First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.
Nicholas Klein

.. and no - not Gandi, nor any other names you generally see this attributed to. Unless they said it before 1914, I think Klein is the safe bet.

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